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Its All about Pj Problem Strings (SiPjAjk) - 7 Spaces Of Interest (Si) and their Basic Sequences; 7 Pj Problems of Interest (PPI) and their Alleles (Ajk)

Expressions Of Pj Problems
Recent PjProblemsStrings Sequencing
Expressions Of PjProblemStrings

Pj Problems - Overview
Celestial Stars
The Number Line
7 Spaces Of Interest - Overview
Triadic Unit Mesh
The Atom
States Of Matter
Nuclear Reactions
Molecular Shapes
Electron Configurations
Chemical Bonds
Energy Conversion
Chemical Reactions
Nucleic Acids
COHN - Natures Engineering Of The Human Body
The Human-Body Systems
Sensors Sensings
Faith, Love, Charity
Differential Calculus
Integral Calculus
Money Supply

PjProblemStrings Sequencing And The Derivative
PjProblemStrings Sequences Of Information Supply Chains In The Human Body
PjProblemStrings Sequences Of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Supply Chains
PjProblemStrings Sequences Of Supply Chains
Electromagnetic Waves - Invisible PjProblemStrings Sequences
Types Of PjProblemStrings Sequences
The Number Line Via PjProblemStrings Sequencing

PjProblemStrings Sequencing And The Derivative
PjProblemStrings Sequences Of Information Supply Chains In The Human Body
PjProblemStrings Sequences Of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Supply Chains
PjProblemStrings Sequences Of Supply Chains
Electromagnetic Waves - Invisible PjProblemStrings Sequences
Types Of PjProblemStrings Sequences
The Number Line Via PjProblemStrings Sequencing
The Keys To The Kingdom Of Conceptual Knowledge
Addition And Subtraction - The PjProblemStrings
The Infinitely Coded Universe - The PjProblemStrings
Difference Between Accuracy And Precision
Bit View Of The Universal Product Code - The PjProblemStrings
Diagnostic Cells In Human Body Fluids
Diagnostic Chemicals In Human Body Fluids - The PjProblemStrings
Cams The PjProblemStrings
Gears The PjProblemStrings
The Screw - The PjProblemStrings
Wheel And Axle - The PjProblemStrings
Block And Tackle - The PjProblemStrings
Inclined Planes - The PjProblemStrings
Levers - The PjProblemStrings
Engines - The PjProblemStrings
Market Triad
Communication Triad
Triadic Unit Mesh - The Mathematics
Triadic Unit Mesh Constructing With Triangles
Electric/Electronic Circuit Triad
Enhancement-Mode MOSFETS As Switches - The NAND Gate
Enhancement-Mode MOSFETS As Switches - The NOR Gate
Enhancement-Mode MOSFETs AS Switches - The Not Gate
Operating Regions Of An Enhancement-Mode NMOS Transistor
Enhancement-Mode MOSFETs
Bipolar Junction Transistor Switching Characteristic
Bipolar Junction Transistor Configurations
Transistor Amplifier Supply For A LED
Operating Point Of A Bipoar Junction Transistor
Operation Of The Bipolar Junction Transistor (2)
Operation Of The Bipolar Junction Transistor
Amplification Triad
Maximum Zener Diode Power Dissipation
Zener Diode In A Voltage Regulator Circuit
The Bridge Rectifier
Load Voltage In A Half-Wave Rectifier
Conduction State Of An Ideal Diode
Switch Triad
Torsional Shear Stress In A section Of A Shaft
Maximum Tensile Flexure Stress In A Section Of A Beam
Total Longitudinal Strain Of A Rectangular Steel Block Under Combined Stress
Initial Stress In A Composite Member Under Tensile Loading Given Allowable Stresses
Maximum Tensile Stress In Relation To Temperature Drop In A Steel Bar
Total Force In Portions Of A Bar Under Axial Loading
Properties Of A Plane Area
Bernoulli On Pressure In A Moving Fluid
Pascal On Pressure In Liquids
Keplers Laws Of Planetary Motions
Uniqueness Proof Technique
Contradiction Proof Technique
Mathematical Induction Proof Technique
Forward-Backward Proof Techniques
Law Triad - The Basic Concepts Of Law
The Triadic Unit Mesh - Nature"s Construction Template
Order Of Execution Time Function For An Algorithm
The Normal Probability Curve
Conditional Probabilities, Independent Events And Odds
Probabilities - The Likelihood Of Events
The Normal Frequency Curve
Statistical Triad - Grouping, Data Collection And Analysis, Inference
Algorithmic Triad - The Basic Concepts Of Algorithm
Stress-Strain Diagram For Gray Cast Iron
Modulus Of Resilience Of A Molded Phenolic Plastic
True Stress - True Strain
Elastic Strain - Plastic Strain
Strain Energy Stored In An Elastic Material
ΔL, ΔV In A Columbium Member Under Tensile Load
The Unidirectional Flow Of Genetic Information
The Genetic Code - Quadric Alphabet, Triadic Words
Derivation Of The One Dimensional Wave Equation
Geometric Interpretation Of Partial Derivatives
Sound Navigation And Ranging - SONAR
Derivation Of Volume Of A Torus
The Doppler Effect
Derivation Of Volume Of A Paraboloid
Gaussian Lens Equation
Derivation Of Volume Of A Frustum
Truth Table - The Truth Of A Implies B
Derivation Of Volume Of A Sphere
Volume Obtained By Revolving y = x2 About The X Axis
Harmonic Wavelengths Of A String Fixed At Two Points Distance L Apart
Derivation Of Volume Of A Cylinder
Derivation Of Volume Of A Cone
Frequencies Of Simple Sound And Complex Sound
Derivation Of Area Of An Ellipse
Derivation Of Areas Of A Circle, Sector Of A Circle And A Circular Ring
Derivation Of Areas Of A Trapezoid, A Rectangle And A Triangle
Light Amplification By Stimulated Emission Of Radiation - LASER
Werner Heisenberg Uncertainty In The Location Of A Mosquito
de Broglie Wavelength As Determinant Of Velocity Of Electron
Energy Of An Electron In A Quantum Energy Level
Absorption Emission Spectra - The Fingerprints Of Elements
Energy Levels Of Electrons As Determinants Of Emission Lines Of Electrons
Electron Behaviors
Wavelength Of Light Determines Color Of Light
Dispersion Of White Light
Pigments Of An Object Determine Its Color
Light Polarization By Polarizing Filters
RADAR - Bistatic And Monostatic Range Calculations
Photons Required To Heat Coffee In A Microwave Oven
Photoelectric Effect And Einstein Photoelectric Equation
Energy In One Quantum Of Light
Electromagnetic Spectrum - Scaling Visible And Invisible Light
Refraction Of Light
Reflecting Property Of A Paraboloidal Mirror
Law Of Reflection Of Light
1895-1911. 16 Years Of Open Brains
Quantum Electrodynamics (QED)
Acid - Base Neutralization
Acidity-Basicity Of An Aqueous Solution
Acid - Base Definitions
Electrodes And Electrolytes Determination Given A Redox Reaction
Voltage - The Electromotive Force
Nernst Cell Voltage Equation
Oxidation-Reduction Reaction In A Voltaic Cell
Basic Heat Energy Transfer
Grams Oxygen Needed To Oxidize 12.5g Glucose
Electrolysis As Oxidation-Reduction Reaction
Oxidation Numbers As Determinants Of Oxidation-Reduction Reactions
Homogeneous And Heterogeneous Reactions
Arrhenius Rate Equation
Carnot Cycle And The Efficiency Of A Perfect Heat Engine
ΔG When Liquid Water Changes Phase To Vapor At SBP
ΔE when One Mole Of Liquid Chlorine Changes Phase To Chlorine Gas At SBP
ΔSo, ΔHo, ΔGo In CO + Cl2 Reaction
Equilibriun Temperature Of Water Mixed With Ice
Weight Of Ice Melted By Heat Liberated From Steam Condensation
Molar Entropy Of Water
Why Heat Of Vaporization Is Larger Than Heat Of Fusion
Phase Diagram
The Spectrum Of A Function
Eigenfunction Expansions As A Solution Method For Non-Homogeneous PDEs
Homogenizing Non-Homogeneous Time Varying IBVP Boundary Conditions
Boundary-Value Problems As Sturm-Liouville Problems
Separation Of Variables As Solution Method For Homogeneous Heat Flow Equation
Newton And Fourier Cooling Laws Applied To Heat Flow Boundary Conditions
Fourier Series
Derivation Of Heat Equation For A One-Dimensional Heat Flow
Gibbs Free Energy As Predictor Of Chemical Reaction Spontaneity
Thermodynamic Stability As A Function Of Enthalpy Of Formation
Activation Energy As Prerequisite For Activated Complex
Energy In A Mole Of Crystalline Solid
Potential Energy Between Atoms As A Function Of Nucleic Spacing
Interatomic Force As A Function Of Nucleic Spacing
Maximum Charge In Coulombs On A Bismuth Ion
Properties Of Elements Due to Valence-Shell Electrons
Electron Residency In Atomic Orbitals
Volume Of A Barrel
The Grocer And His Fruits
Time Population A Equals Population B
Break-Even Point Of A Publisher
Circle Test For Deductive Reasoning
Conditional River Crossing With Wolf, Goat And Cabbage
Select A Fruit
Average Rate Of Work - Two Ditch Diggers
Energy Stored In A Magnetic Field And Incremental Inductance
Induced Voltage Of Coil In A Magnetic Field
Charge Moving In A Constant Magnetic Flux
3 Phase Power
AC Power Triangle
Average AC Power
Center Tapped Transformer
Ideal Transformer
Band Pass Filter
High Pass Filter
Low Pass Filter
Phasor Form Of Periodic Signals
Frequency Response Of Output Voltage At High And Low Frequency
Random Signals
Periodic Signals
Even Functions - Odd Functions
Rocket Work Take That Load Up
Cable Work Bring That Load Up
Friction Work Bring That Moving Object To Stop
Escape Velocity
Signals From Mars
Speed Of A Satellite In An Orbit
Acceleration Of Object In Circular Motion With Constant Speed
Object Thrown Up From The Roof
Maximum Height Of A Projectile
Maximum Range Of A Projectile
Direction Of A Projectile
Difference Between Matter And Radiant Energy
Difference Between Mass And Weight
Einsteins Energy Formula Applied To Uranium-235 Detonation
Water At Bottom Of A Water Fall Warmer Than Water At Top
Air Plane In Flight-Head Wind Tail Wind
Couples In Equilibrium
Sound Travel In An Iron
Shell Fired At An Angle
Range Of A Projectile
How Deep Is The Well
Slow And Steady Average Speed Of Auto
Kings An Aces
Inclined Plane
Car Choices
Free Falling Pebble-2
Free Falling Pebble
Meridian Travel
Row Your Boat
The Spirogram - Air Flow Into Lungs
Composition Structure Of Matter
How Matter Gets Composed
How Matter Gets Composed (2)
Structure Of Matter
Bond Length Bond Angle
Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion
Molecular Shape Orbital Hybridization
Sigma Bonds Pi Bonds
Non ABn Molecules
Molecular Orbital Theory

What is Time?
St Augustine On Time
Bergson On Time
Heidegger On Time
Kant On Time
Sagay On Time
What is Space?
Newton On Space
Space Governance
Imperfect Leaders
Essence Of Mathematics
Toolness Of Mathematics
The Number Line
The Windflower Saga
Who Am I?
Primordial Equilibrium
Primordial Care
Force Of Being

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